Staff programmes

Motivated and committed employees are increasingly important for companies. The changing demographic makes it more and more difficult to find new suitable employees. Our innovative solutions make significant inroads for engaging with and supporting your current employees. We also ensure that topics such as “benefits in kind“ and “tax advantages" are discussed.



Increase the performance and motivation of your employees through targeted competitions (e.g. sales competitions). Whether for individual employees, teams or entire departments. Based on our experience, we will create an individual concept with proven mechanics, combined with a clear communication strategy and attractive rewards.

In accordance with § 37 b EStG, you as an employer can make a lump-sum taxation. Maximum amount per employee/year: 10,000 euros


Employee Retention

Keeping employees in the company for the long term is one of the challenges in the HR sector. Employee retention programs are a good way to keep employees with their valuable knowledge developed over the years. Reward programs in particular support long-term retention, as employees can be approached directly outside of pay. We also support you in taking tax aspects into account.

Tax-free benefits in kind
Motivate your employees with monthly benefits in kind, in the form of bonuses (vouchers / non-cash benefits). According to § 8 EStG you can give each employee up to 44 euros per month, in addition to the salary.

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Ideas Management

Use the ideas of your employees to improve processes/products, save costs and at the same time increase the motivation of your employees.

Reward your employees for submitting ideas, regardless of whether it is a concrete challenge or a fundamental improvement idea.

With our online solution SalesPolicy 2.0 you can set tasks for your employees and reward them at the same time.


Staff recruitment

ErE programmes (employees refer employees, jobs for friends) are very popular at the moment, as referral rates by employees are very high; companies can tap into this trend to decrease expenditure. And this despite the fact that up to four-digit euro amounts eare distributed in cash or rewards for recommendations.