New customer acquisition

Are you looking for leads or new customers for your company?
 Based on your requirements, we develop solutions adapted for both online and offline applications.


Referral marketing

Increase your referral rate by using rewards! Referral programmes are the best way to acquire new customers and to express your appreciation to regular clients. In contrast to other client acquisition programmes, the costs for each new customer acquired during these advertising campaigns can be accurately estimated.

Potential referral mechanisms

  • Customers refer customers (CrC)
  • Member gets Member (MgM)
  • Readers refer readers (RrR)
  • Refer a friend
  • Employees refer employees (ERE)
  • Jobs for Friends

Prize games

Activate customers playfully! Competitions generate a high level of interest, open good communication channels, can be implemented at short notice, and can be costed in a transparent manner up-front, making them effective marketing strategies. Be it to launch a product, for branding or to celebrate an anniversary event. We supply absolutely everything from the concept to the raffle items and the publicity.


Loyalty/collection promotions

Online and offline collection promotions are gaining increasing traction. They are easy for the shopper to understand and use. These types of campaigns usually have a well-defined structure, consisting of BUY - COLLECT -REDEEM, in a limited time frame. They follow a predictable course, which means they can be implemented very quickly. We understand which aspects of collection promotions need to be considered in the planning, implementation and follow-up stages to guarantee success. We don't only provide the expertise, but the corresponding rewards and all associated services as well.

Possible collection mechanisms

  • Sales receipts
  • Codes
  • Labels
  • Stickers
  • Bottle caps
  • Stamp cards

Product bundling & add-ons

Are you looking for a solution to increase the turnover of your products? The use of immediate bonuses significantly increases customer impulse purchases. We understand which promotional add-ons fit your company profile or your brands/products, and how you can differentiate yourself from the competition and capture customer interest.