At Living Bytes Kundenbindungs- and Kundengewinnungsprogramme GmbH, we create and operate bonus programmes that provide long-term support our customers' sales promotions as well as all their customer/employee acquisitions and retentions.


  • New customer acquisition
  • Customer loyalty
  • Sales promotion
  • Employee motivation and commitment

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  • Reward shop solutions
  • Bonus point shop solutions
  • Custom IT solutions


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  • Gifts
  • Promotional items
  • Custom-made items

Mission statement

Our goal is to activate and motivate people and obtain their loyalty. We stand for creativity, flexibility and accountability. We integrate our responsibility to people and the environment into all of our activities.

In this context, we don’t only pay attention to fair value, but also to environmental impact and equitable manufacturing practices. Long-term partnerships in the context of an equitable collaboration are more important to us than the maximisation of short-term profits.

The Living Bytes Team


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Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct defines our principles and requirements with regards to our responsibility towards people and the environment. We ensure that all subcontractors along the supply chain that are commissioned by us also comply with the principles and requirements of this or similar codes of conduct.

  • Compliance with the law
    We undertake to comply with the laws of the applicable legal system(s).
  • Working hours and pay
    We ensure that the statutory maximum working time is not exceeded. Remuneration is commensurate (statutory hourly / monthly wages are adhered to).
  • No forced labour
    We do not accept any form of forced labour. Forced labour is requiring a person to do any work or service without compensation and under penalty of punishment and for which the said person has not volunteered.
  • No corruption and bribery
    We do not tolerate or get involved in any form of corruption or bribery. This also excludes any unlawful offers of payment or similar donations to government officials for the purpose of influencing their decision-making.
  • Environmental protection
    We comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations of the countries in which we operate. We conduct our business in such a way that natural resources are used as efficiently as possible. Dangerous substances are (wherever possible) only used to a very limited extent. They are only implemented when used correctly and the environment is not harmed by their use. The environmentally responsible disposal of waste and containers must be guaranteed and proven on request. All waste generated during production will be disposed of in the correct manner.
  • No discrimination
    We respect the personal dignity, privacy and personal rights of every single person. In the areas of recruitment, remuneration, training, promotion, resignation and retirement specifically, no person shall be discriminated against, on grounds of race, social class, nationality, religion, disability, sexual orientation, membership in an association, political affiliation or gender. We will not allow conduct, including gestures, verbal expressions or physical contact, which insinuate sexual coercion, threat, abuse or exploitation.
  • No child labour
    We do not accept any form of child labour. Child labour is any work done by a person younger than 15 years old. Unless local legislation otherwise specifies a higher minimum age for workers or a longer phase of compulsory education. In this case the higher age limit will apply. If the legal minimum age is 14 years, in accordance with the exceptions for developing countries established in ILO Convention 138, the lower age shall apply.
  • Health and safety of employees
    We assume responsibility for the health and safety of all our employees. We contain all risks and adhere to the best possible precautionary measures to prevent accidents and occupation related illnesses. Training is offered to ensure that all employees thoroughly understand all aspects of occupational safety and are fully informed about specific risks.