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At Living Bytes Kundenbindungs- and Kundengewinnungsprogramme GmbH, we specialise in premium and incentive programmes. World-renowned companies rely on our numerous years of experience as a full-service provider and our comprehensive product portfolio. With our adaptable, user-friendly and easily integrated IT systems, we offer solutions for handling your B2C, B2E and B2B marketing activities.

Prämien- und Bonuspunkteshops

Reward and bonus point shops

Our innovative, powerful and adaptable IT systems provide the basis for our solutions; whether it be new customer acquisitions, customer retentions, employee programmes or sales promotions.

Smart white label systems with flexible interfaces facilitate the implementation of all your requirements. Modern web layouts in Responsive Design, adapted to your CI, can also be accessed from mobile devices.

Specific adaptations for POS-protocols and sales promotions, as well as our own proprietary software, round off our portfolio.

IT systems

Automated rewards logistics New

The MODULA LIFT is our new automatic storage system for small reward items. As shown in the illustrations, there are numerous trays inside the MODULA LIFT, on which the reward items are stored. The trays can be requested using the control panel on the MODULA LIFT, after which they automatically move to the lock, from where warehouse employees can pick out the individual items.

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More than 50.000 rewards gifts & promotional items

Our solutions

Whether you are looking for rewards or an incentive programme, – we can work with you to develop tailored solutions for your HR, sales and marketing activities in B2B, B2E and B2C. Our pragmatic and goal-orientated approach helps us to secure utmost commitment as well as attain measurable increases in performance.

We are a full service provider Services


Reputable companies who are leaders in a wide range of industries have opted to work with us. Whether you are a medium-sized company, a large corporation or are listed on the stock exchange, our performance is impressive. We pride ourselves, on establishing long-term partnerships with our customers.